Truck Bed Covers: Are They Worth it For You And Your Pickup?

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Are truck bed covers worth it in the end, the short answer is yes! But, before you walk into the auto market and pick a bed cover for your truck, you should have a clear understanding of what to expect. 

Determining whether a truck bed cover is worth it or not can be a daunting task. But the easiest way to do so is by comparing the advantages that it has and the disadvantages. 

This article has compiled the advantages you will get if you purchase a truck bed cover and the negative side.


1. They offer protection against severe weather conditions

When ferrying cargo on your truck, the first thing that you will always worry about is the weather. Will the goods be affected by weather elements such as rain, wind, hailstorm, or even scorching sun?

Truck bed covers are designed in a way that they can prevent such elements of weather from tampering with the cargo in transit. They are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rainwater destroying your shipment. 

The truck bed covers are also opaque, which ensures no ultraviolet rays can pass through. The well-fortified cover can withstand the intense wind that may be a threat to the structural integrity of the goods on your truck. 

2. They offer safety

Truck bed covers are often viewed as security accessories. This is because they enhance the security of products under transportation. The good thing about truck bed covers is it also conceals your cargo from curious eyes that may be tempted to steal.

Apart from minimizing visibility, the truck bed covers prevent unauthorized access to the cargo. 

If this is a big issue for you, I think you’ll like this article on the best locking bed covers.

3. Truck bed covers are economically viable

Do you want to save on fuel? Having a truck bed cover will help you achieve that. Open trucks receive more air resistance that leads to excess use of fuel to overcome the effect. Therefore, covering the truck bed eliminates the resistance, and you can use less fuel to run your truck. 

If you are using your truck for commercial purposes, you will feel the importance of the truck bed cover more through the low fuel costs resulting in a higher profit margin.

4. Truck bed covers look good

Who wouldn’t want to drive a truck that draws the attention of road users? Installing a truck bed cover can help to make your truck attractive to other road users. 

It would help if you also understood that one of the factors that help sell a property is its aesthetic appearance. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will be easy to sell your truck should you decide to do so if it has a truck bed cover. 

Disadvantages of Truck Bed Cover

Despite the many advantages that the truck bed cover has, it also has its drawbacks. Some of the common disadvantages that you should expect to face include:

1. Quite expensive

Investing in the truck bed cover can be quite stressful due to the cost factor. You will need quite a considerable amount of money to buy and fix the truck cover on your truck bed.

The cost of the truck cover varies with quality. So, if you want a premium truck bed cover, you should be ready to part with huge sums of money. However, considering the value that the truck bed cover brings to your truck, it is worth every penny that you will have spent on installing it. 

2. Make it hard to use other accessories

Some truck bed covers can make it difficult to use other truck accessories. These accessories include toolboxes and eve rack. This means that you will not enjoy the convenience that comes with using other truck fittings.

However, a special type of truck bed cover is known as the toolbox tonneau cover comes with its toolbox, so you don’t have to worry about your bed cover limiting you from using essential truck accessories. 

3. Hectic to install

The installation process for some truck bed covers is quite easy, but it is a hectic process for some. You may be forced to drill holes on your truck bed. This is not a pleasant thing that any truck owner would want to do since it reduces the vehicle’s value.

However, you have the liberty to choose a truck bed cover that won’t require you to drill the truck to fit it on the truck. 


From the above pros and cons of truck bed covers, it is clear that truck bed covers have their worth. Although using them comes with certain drawbacks, it also has its advantages which outweigh the negative impacts. 

Additionally, there is a way around most of the cons associated with truck bed covers. 

If you are still having difficulty deciding whether to install a truck bed cover or not, you can consult a mechanic for professional help. They will help you choose the best truck bed cover that will be worth your money and efficiently serve its purpose.

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