Why Would You Need a Tonneau Cover?

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You would need a tonneau cover if you own a truck and want to protect your cargo from the elements and thieves.

I’ve reviewed many tonneau covers and compiled a list of the best covers that I’m constantly updating as more products are coming out.

Before anything you are wondering do you need a tonneau cover and that’s going to be different for every person, let me explain.

You need to determine how are going to be using your truck the majority of the time. Are you going to be carrying cargo that you will need to protect or are you trying to find a way to save some bucks on the gas station? 

It might not even be about anything like that, you just want a tonneau cover that’s going to add to your luxury pickup truck. Believe it or not, a lot of people buy tonneau covers because it flat out looks nice. People tend to overlook all the different types of benefits they actually provide.

I personally feel like a tonneau cover can only add value to your truck as it usually lasts the life of your truck. The only way it doesn’t last is if you get a crappy low-quality tonneau cover or you flat out don’t take care of it.

First things first…

What Is A Tonneau Cover And What Purpose Does It Hold?

Today the term tonneau cover really means a truck bed cover that’s soft or hard. In the beginning of time nah just kidding. A couple of decades ago tonneau covers actually were for the rear compartment of cars but over time it’s gotten widely accepted that when someone mentions tonneau cover they are talking about a truck bed cover.

The real purpose of a tonneau cover is security without a doubt. Thieves out there are trying to steal whatever they can especially in the holiday seasons. There’s been so many truck bed doors or tailgates, stolen which is ridiculous. 

They can be quite expensive and even if they are not, they shouldn’t be stolen. Bed covers are meant to protect against harsh weather elements and thieves.

Read more about What a Tonneau Cover is.

Reasons To Buy a Tonneau Cover

Here are some reasons why you might want to invest in a tonneau cover. Before I give you some reasons just know tonneau covers come in different types, for instance, soft covers such as tri-fold or roll-ups.

While these types of tonneau covers offer some sort of security (they cover your bed so it can’t be seen in public right) their main function is really that they protect against the weather and that you have access to your bed really quickly.

Some of these covers you can operate with one hand that’s how convenient they are but then again they aren’t the greatest for security.

If it’s time to buy a tonneau cover, just be sure to take your time and make sure you get the one you want..

How Do You Plan To Use Your truck?

Will you be transporting cargo occasionally or constantly? Maybe you will be transporting tall items or wide ones that’ll stick out your truck bed.

Maybe you already have a toolbox installed or a bike rack and you need a tonneau cover that’s adaptable to these accessories you already have.

How often do you need access to your full truck bed? Once a year or once a week? These are questions you should be asking yourself. 

You are in luck as there is a tonneau cover for just about anything you need. There’s a huge market for truck bed covers so you won’t be short of options.

Protect Your Truck Bed From Different Types Of Weather 

Do you live down in Miami or Seattle? In that case, you will be looking for a cover that protects against rain. There are many waterproof tonneau covers out there that will meet this need.

Maybe you live in New York or Canada, and you need protection against snow. These are things to consider and should not be ignored.

Heck, you might live in the desert and need a cover that will protect against the sun. Luckily, there are tonneau covers that protect against every type of weather climate. 

Do You have a toolbox installed?

If this is the case, your options might be somewhat limited but don’t worry there are options out there. What’s cool is there are many toolboxes that actually go inside the truck not mounted on top.

Companies are really getting creative about the features one can add to their truck.

Do You Have A Budget For A Tonneau Cover?

When thinking about a tonneau cover you should be aware of how expensive they can get. You really need to think about your needs and not just act irrationally.

You could find an excellent tonneau cover for under $300 bucks but then again you could go for the top-of-line hardcovers that easily surpass $1000.

It’s an investment that you will benefit from but still, is a hefty upfront investment.


This is my opinion, every truck owner should think about purchasing a truck bed cover. At the bare minimum, you will be saving money on gas. That’s enough to buy one in my book!

Trucks just look better with a tonneau cover in my eyes. Again, this is an opinion but still lol They really do look nice!

The balls in your court now; Hopefully I helped you answer the question do you need a tonneau cover.

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