Which is Better: Roll N Lock or Retrax

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It depends on what you want in the tonneau cover; both Roll N lock and Retrax are top brands in the industry.
Both types of covers have their advantages and disadvantages. They both differ in several ways, but you have to figure out which option suits your needs. Keep reading to find out more.

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Which is Better: Roll N Lock or Retrax?

Get the Roll N Lock Tonneau cover if you have been looking for a rugged cover for your cargo. It is a prominent brand that has dominated the market for many years.

The Roll N Lock covers are high-quality and keep your cargo safe and secure. This cover is also approved and fitted by many reputed manufacturers like Nissan Motors, Ford Motors, and Mitsubishi Motors.

With the Roll N Lock cover, you will have a versatile and intelligent model that is easy to use. It also perfectly secures your goods against harsh weather and theft.    


  • Weatherproof truck bed cover design
  • Seamless exterior finish
  • Easy to fit with a pictorial instruction guide
  • Low glossy finish


  • Leakage at the back and front

Retrax Trucks Bed Covers

Retrax is a truck bed cover that stands out in the market. The brand is known for producing high-quality and distinctive covers, among other products.

Retrax strives for superiority in design and development in the truck bed cover market. They are durable and high-quality covers that will change the look of your truck.

A Retrax bed cover is a worthwhile investment, and you will get what you pay for and some of the high-quality tonneau covers on the market. 


  • Unmatched durability
  • High-quality material 
  • Convenient for day-to-day use
  • Quite innovative and stylish
  • Secures your cargo goods
  • Matte black finish


  • Flimsy locking mechanism
retrax one lock cover

Retractable Tonneau truck covers come in versatile options, and whether to choose Roll N Lock or Retrax has been a familiar debate. Selecting the best truck bed cover can be daunting, but it is a task you can still accomplish.

The good news? Looking at the primary differences between the two truck covers can clear your worries.

How Much Cargo Space with Tonneau Cover Closed?

Retrax truck covers offer an excellent cargo capacity supported by its exclusive Trax Rail system. It includes a T slot rail- a unique feature on top of the truck bed cover.

Thanks to the Trail Rail system, it is easy for truck users to mount accessories and even double the cargo capacity. The cover is sturdy enough to allow users to mount heavy accessories like bicycles.

The Retrax cover also has a canister that creates extra space in the cargo areas. The bottom part of the cover is angled to ensure extra room inside the truck bed.

On the other hand, the Roll N Lock cover features the most squeezed canister to help maximize the cargo space. The truck cover model has an aerodynamic housing lid that is great for creating extra space on the truck bed.

roll n lock tonneau cover covering cargo in a truck box

What are They Made of? 

Retrax covers use thick matte black aluminum for durability, one of the staple materials for making truck bed covers. It is easy to fit racks and other accessories onto the bed rails.

Moving towards Roll N Lock, the vinyl over aluminum cover also features a contoured hinge design that ensures the security of your cargo.

Thanks to the 3-inch aluminum casting, the cover can hold up to 350 lbs, making it a good choice for covering heavy belongings.

The cover features an outstanding vinyl coat and gives a sleek appearance. It’s a sturdy and attractive truck bed cover that will improve the overall look of your vehicle.

a guy throughs a bag of cement on to a Retrax one tonmneau cover

How Strong Are They?

The incredible Retrax cover is exceptionally sturdy. It is strong enough and protects goods in your cargo against extreme weather conditions.

The Retrax Tonneau cover can hold up to 500 lbs, meaning you can carry heavy materials without any worries or qualms. The cover is sturdy enough to protect the truck’s bed from snow or rain. 

It is strong enough for day-to-day use for the Roll N Lock cover. The hybrid-over-aluminum design makes holding a significant load on the truck bed doable. 

Thanks to the torsion spring enclosed by an aluminum casing, the cover easily retracts. You can use it in different weather conditions without any complications.

Do They Keep the Weather Out?

As you compare Roll N Lock against Retrax truck bed covers, consider the difference in weather protection. Retrax Tonneau cover is exceptional for weather protection from snow, rain, or sun.

The cover also features a scratch-resistant matte black finish. You don’t have to worry about using your truck in the scorching sun or the effect of UV rays.

If your truck gets rained on, two drain tubes help get rid of the water from the canister. The cover is sealed with foam that helps protect its interior against moisture and dust. The Retrax cover coincides with the tailgate area to provide a protective weatherstrip.

When it comes to the Roll N Lock cover, the vinyl aluminum material used to make it offers outstanding protection against harsh weather. It is strong enough to protect the truck bed against external adversity.

guy locking a retrax one tonneau cover

How Secure Are the Locking Systems?

The locking mechanism and security of a truck cover are integral. It differs between these fantastic tonneau cover brands—Retrax design is for easy use by latching on to any position.

It allows users to carry as many loads as possible because it is easy to open the cover using a tailgate. The latch is also well secured and covered by a lid making it hard for strangers to access it.

It is easy to lock your cover in four different positions with a ratchet system latch for Roll N Lock. 

You will completely lock the latch with a tailgate making it hard for intruders to access what is inside the cargo. The aluminum undercarriage on the Roll N Lock cover will also add extra security to your truck.

Are They Easy to Install?

Both tonneau covers differ when it comes to the mode of installation. It is a bit challenging and time-consuming to install a Retrax cover.

When installing the Retrax cover, you will need an extra hand to properly align the cover with its sidebars. Hence, it is hard to DIY a Retrax cover and install it ideally on your truck.

Installing the Roll N Lock cover is not that daunting, and it’s a stress-free exercise. It comes with the clamp-on track feature that helps to install the cover within the shortest time possible easily. 

It is wise to read and follow the provided manual guide.

A guy using a remote to open a retrax one tonneau cover


The features of Roll N Lock covers and Retrax truck covers vary, and it’s upon you to undertake an extensive comparison. Before choosing any of the two incredible covers, determine which one is compatible with your truck size or model. 

Then you can check the pros and cons of each cover and choose a brand that satisfies your needs and personal preferences. Most importantly, both tonneau covers are sturdy, lockable in different positions, weatherproof, and highly compatible. 

Any of these tonneau covers can be superb for your truck. Research widely or consult experts in the field and pick a model that will meet your requirements.

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