Can You Sleep in a Truck Bed With a Tonneau Cover?

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Yes, tonneau covers can be used for sleeping under; however, it’s essential to make sure that it is comfortable and safe.

There are many different types of tonneau covers available, but you should consider a few things before buying one if you plan on sleeping under it. Is it leakproof for one is pretty crucial if you choose to sleep under it?

I’ll cover that and more in this article.

Where can you sleep under your tonneau cover?

It may not be the safest option for sleeping on the road. However, sleeping under a tonneau cover is an excellent solution for many people when they need a place to sleep in a pinch.

Sleeping under a tonneau cover is very stealth, You can literally sleep anywhere you want because no one will think that you’re sleeping in a truck bed.

Some good places would be Walmart where you can get food and clothes and use a washroom, or in the woods where you could have a fire and cook up some supper, or at a friend’s place when you had too many drinks to drive safe. Oh, the list goes on but you get the point.

Things to consider when sleeping under a tonneau cover

Tonneau covers are typically only used with trucks that haul bulky goods. They are not made to serve any other purposes. Therefore, certain precautions should be taken before sleeping under a tonneau cover.

  1. If you’re planning to sleep under a tonneau cover, you need to ensure enough ventilation, and you need to make sure you are comfortable while you sleep. 
  2. Your truck bed is so uncomfortable that it will hurt your back and entire body if you just sleep on the ribbed flooring. You don’t need a fancy, expensive bed to have a good night’s sleep a simple foam mattress will do the job unless this becomes a full-time lifestyle change, in which case I’d suggest getting something very comfortable to sleep on.
  3. For safety reasons, you should park your truck in a place with no potential threats like being attacked by ferocious animals, or where your truck might get stollen in the middle of the night.
  4. Take a camping kit with you if you plan on staying a while so you can cook and clean and relax.


You may not think that a good mattress is that important, but the quality of your mattress does play a significant role in your ability to rest and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

We recommend getting a smaller mattress to be sure it will fit between the wheel well humps, and it will be easier to load and unload and store somewhere when not in use.

Sleeping Bags

The fabric used to make a sleeping bag plays a vital role in making it warm enough in winter. This is because the material used for the bag helps to regulate the temperature. A sleeping bag made from cotton is a good choice, as it is cheap and easy to maintain.


A tonneau cover provides the ability to sleep while parked and can be a great option if you have a mattress and the gear necessary to survive a night or several.

I hope you get a clear idea about this article. Put all the information together, and you will get a clear picture of what sleeping under a tonneau cover is like.

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