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If you are a proud owner of a pickup truck and need a perfect tonneau cover, this is the article for you. No doubt, truck bed covers offer the required protection to your pickup truck’s cargo bed. Moreover, it ensures safe and secure transportation of the cargo.

In addition, the installation of a cover reduces air resistance, which in turn improves fuel efficiency. However, opting for the right type of truck bed cover isn’t that easy. It appears to be difficult to select a suitable option, as all the products look identical.

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To relieve you from such hassle, we have created a list of the best tonneau covers. Here, we have tried to discuss the salient features of these truck tonneau covers.

Best Tonneau Cover Reviews

Tyger Auto Top T3 Soft Tri-Fold Truck Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Cover Review

Tyger Auto is a renowned name in the field of auto parts and accessories. The company focuses on designing aftermarket auto parts, which are of premium quality. These parts are developed in a way to meets strict industry standards.

TYGER Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is a product that is designed and developed by this company. It is available in a pre-assembled form for easy installation. Furthermore, you can also fold the cover for easy access to the truck bed.

Product Highlights

These Tri-fold tonneau covers are a quality product, which comes from the house of Tyger Auto. This cover has a dual-coated surface, and the overall structure of this bed cover is constructed with marine-grade vinyl. In addition, the aluminum used is of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The provision of stainless steel clamps renders it an easy to install these soft folding tonneau covers. Its horizontal crossbars are pre-assembled, which ensures the convenience of accessing the trunk bed. You can easily fold these tonneau covers up to load or unload your luggage. In addition, drilling isn’t required to install this soft folding tonneau cover.

The Good

This soft folding tonneau cover is made with top-notch materials, which ensures the overall build quality. Furthermore, the installation process is straightforward, allowing you to have it installed within no time.

The Bad

If your pickup truck is installed with a bed liner, you need to cut small holes in it for securing the clamps. It is essential for the proper installation of soft folding tonneau covers.


  • Seamless trunk bed cover
  • Constructed with durable and lightweight materials
  • Easy to install and no drilling necessary
  • Stainless steel clamps for secure installation


  • Not waterproof

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Cover Reviews

The BAKFlip MX4 is made of premium quality and are heavy-duty hard folding tonneau covers. These particular tonneau covers are made of aluminum panels for unparalleled durability. Furthermore, it provides complete protection against scratches and UV rays.

Product Highlights

If you have been using this brand previously, you will be aware of the quality offered by this brand. The MX4 has been launched as an upgrade to the G2 aluminum series. This tonneau cover is equipped with innovative and perfectly designed latch housing components.

The matte finish on all the panels is consistent. The hardware, seal, and finished end caps offer a flawless appearance. It’s an all-season and heavy-duty tonneau cover, which is capable of performing in unfavourable conditions.

The resilient construction of MX4 makes it an ideal trunk bed cover for everyday use. Its upgraded structure offers the required resistance against harsh outdoor elements. The manufacturer has made it strong and durable without comprising its sleek appearance.

The robust and impressive design of MX4 allows you to fold it without any extra effort. With its easy to use clamps, there is no need to drill the trunk lining. It offers reasonable protection against snow, rain, UV rays, and dirt.

You can fold the MX4 up to the back windscreen. Hence, you can fully access the trunk of your bed. This suggests that you can load large cargo without removing the tonneau cover. The prop rods are also durable, which keeps this tonneau cover in an upright position.

To add more security to the tonneau cover, the manufacturer has introduced latch-housing components that are made through injection molding. This ensures the overall strength and durability of the hard folding tonneau covers.

The Good

The BAKFlip MX4 is an upgraded version, which can be used even when the tailgate is open or closed. The aluminum panels are secured with a perfect matte finish. In addition, it doesn’t obstruct the middle brake light when folded. You can also open these hard folding tonneau covers from either side, which allows you to access the trunk bed without any issue.

The Bad

The locking mechanism that secures all three sections of this tonneau cover is of cheap quality. Hence, you need to be careful while opening and closing the trunk cover.


  • Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Lightweight yet durable panels
  • Protects against sun, dust, rain, and UV rays
  • Sleek and flawless finish
  • Low-profile and flush-mount design


  • The locking mechanism isn’t that durable

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Tonneau Cover Review


If you are in need of a convenient and easy to install tonneau cover, consider Gator ETX. It offers the required level of protection to the trunk, without compromising its overall appearance.

Product Highlights

This tri-fold trunk cover is manufactured with a sturdy and industrial grade aluminum frame. Furthermore, it also has cross-bows, which offer optimum tear resistance. The vinyl used for its construction is heavy-duty, which not only provides durability but also gives a sleek appearance.

This tonneau cover is built to last, which means you can use it in any kind of weather condition. The extraordinary sealing strength offers the desired protection against dust, rain, and snow. Meaning thereby, you can keep your cargo protected from the harshness of outside weather.

The Gator ETX is are soft tonneau covers, which you can easily install without using special tools. It literally takes 10 minutes to install this tonneau cover on your truck’s cargo bed. This is because you just need to clamp the rails onto your truck bed.

The industrial-grade vinyl offers maximum protection to the trunk against moisture. Moreover, opening this cover is extremely easy. Just fold the panels upwards and secure it into place with its amazing buckling mechanism.

After installing the tonneau cover, it gives a sleek and refined appearance to your truck. The Gator ETX is mounted on the truck bed rails, which ensures a clean and low-profile look. Furthermore, each of the truck tonneau covers offered by Gator is a custom fit.

This suggests that by simply providing the make and model of your truck, you can get a tonneau cover that fits perfectly well. The vinyl used for its production is tear-resistant. Furthermore, the vinyl gets the required support through its sturdy aluminum frame. The cross-bows are also provided for maximum durability and strength.

The Good

The Gator ETX is an easy to fold tonneau cover, which takes a few seconds to fold. As a result, you can easily load your luggage. It allows you to carry even some large cargo items like lawnmowers and large appliances.

The Bad

The only noticeable issue that you can find in this tonneau cover is its cheap and less durable rail mounts.


  • Easy to install
  • Unique and innovative folding mechanism
  • Strong and built-to-last clamps
  • Affordable and reasonable quality tonneau cover
  • Fits well with or without the bed liner
  • Custom-fit trunk cover for every truck


  • Low-quality rail mounts

Tyger Auto 6.4 T1 Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover

blue dodge ram 1500 Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover

These particular roll up tonneau covers belongs to Tyger Auto, which is a top-rated company known for its aftermarket auto parts. The products manufactured by this company are capable of meeting strict industrial standards. Similar is the case with Tyger Auto 6.4 T1 Roll-up tonneau cover. Learn more about what type of cover suits you best.

It offers stylish, sleek, and customized designs for a wide range of trucks and 4×4 vehicles. Moreover, you don’t need any type of drilling for its installation. It’s a soft and rolling tonneau cover, which you can easily mount on the truck bed rails.

Product Highlights

This tonneau cover by Tyger Auto is a quality product, which is known for its durability and reliability. The cover receives dual coating for exceptional protection and a smooth finish. The vinyl used is of marine grade, which suggests that it would continue to serve for longer than the expected period.

In addition, there are horizontal crossbars, which provide required support to the cover when it is fully opened. In order to gain complete access to the trunk, you can quickly and easily roll-up bed cover. Moreover, the aluminum used to construct its frame is aircraft-grade.

Not only this, the stainless steel clamps enhance the cover’s durability. The sides of the cover are sealed with Velcro strips. It also helps to secure the latch lock mechanism. In order to keep the cover tight and wrinkle-free, a tension system is also available with this truck bed cover.

When it comes to installation, it is a hassle-free process. You don’t need to drill the trunk bed for its installation. However, you need to make some small holes on the bed liner to attach the clamps.

Furthermore, the 24oz marine-grade and tear-resistant vinyl offer required protection against dust, rain, and snow. As a result, you can transport your luggage without causing them any kind of damage.

The Good

These tonneau covers offer a unique and secure locking mechanism. Its latch lock and tension system secure the trunk by tightening the cover. As a result, your belongings will be safe from external elements.

The Bad

Although these roll up tonneau covers are made with high-quality vinyl, it doesn’t mean they’re the best tonneau covers because they don’t offer resilience against heavy rain.


  • Quick and hassle-free installation
  • Protects against dust, heat, and snow
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Wrinkle-free appearance


  • Not waterproof

MAXMATE Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

red nissan frontier with tonneau cover

When looking for a top-quality cover, the MAXMATE Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau cover is the option to consider. This one offers a variety of advantages, including easy installation, removal, and longer lifespan.

Product Highlights

The MAXMATE Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is a top-rated product, which is capable of offering the desired protection and security. If you are loading oversized cargo, you can easily access the trunk bed by simply folding the cover.

It’s a fully assembled cover, which you can install within minutes. Moreover, there is no need to drill holes into the bed of your truck. This soft folding tonneau cover is made with premium quality materials, which makes it a highly durable product.

It offers a maximum level of functionality and protection. Furthermore, its sleek and stylish appearance would look amazing on almost any truck. This is a dual-coated cover, which means it will continue to serve for a more extended period.

The Good

The 24oz. marine-grade and high-quality vinyl offer unmatched durability. Furthermore, its stainless steel clamps provide a seamless finish. The horizontal crossbars are pre-assembled, which gives more convenience and support.

The Bad

The overall build quality of this cover is satisfactory, yet there are some issues with its tension control system. The cover usually bends down in extreme heat.


  • Rolls up and down pretty easily
  • Manufactured with highly durable materials
  • Seamless finish looks beautiful
  • Unique latch system for unmatched security
  • Protects the luggage from external elements


  • Offers no resistance against sharp items


This buyer’s guide provides all the essential information that you should be aware of when buying a truck bed cover. By simply going through the contents of this guide, you would be in a position to differentiate a good quality cover from a bad one. 


To start with, let’s take a look at the types of these tonneau covers.

Types of Tonneau Covers

When looking for a cover, you may come across a lot of different products depending on their types. Given below are some types of bed covers, which would help you to choose one that fits perfectly with your vehicle.

Roll-up Tonneau covers: This kind of cover can roll up and down, which provides sufficient space to load and unload anything you store in your cargo bed. These roll-up covers are available in both hard and soft materials

Single-Piece Hinged Tonneau Covers: These covers are made of a single piece, giving a seamless finish to the back of your truck bed. Single-piece covers are either made of soft or hard material.

Folding Tonneau Covers: These covers are made of individual panels, made of soft or hard material. Soft panels are made of vinyl, and hard ones are constructed with aluminum.

Retractable Tonneau Covers: This type of cover is strong enough to protect your truck bed from heavy snow. You can easily roll in or roll out the cover out of the mechanism that is installed behind your truck’s bulkhead.

Truck Model It Fits

Once you have selected the type of tonneau cover you need, it’s time to know whether it fits your truck. For this purpose, you need to see whether a particular bed cover is compatible with the model and brand of your pickup truck.

It is essential, as most tonneau covers are made specifically for a particular pickup truck. Therefore, if you want your trunk cover to fit perfectly well, keep in mind to find a custom-made bed cover.

Cover Material

This is the most essential aspect that you should consider while buying a cover. Usually, truck covers are made with a combination of aluminum and vinyl materials that are more durable.

If you are living in an area that receives heavy rain and snow, opt for a trifold truck bed cover. This type of cover is strong enough to bear the weight of heavy snow. When the material of a trunk cover is durable and sturdy, it will continue to serve for longer than the expected period.

Secure Locking

When buying a trunk cover for your truck, try to choose one that offers a secure locking mechanism. This is important, as most covers don’t provide the desired security. To find a secure one, you should look for a truck bed cover that is made of a hard material.

Furthermore, it must have a strong and easy to activate locking system. Finding the right type of tonneau cover is essential to secure the luggage and other valuables

Tension Control

Normally, this type of mechanism is used in soft-top tonneau covers. It provides a seamless finish to the cover by providing the required rigidity. Furthermore, with a perfectly installed tension control system, the cover will give a wrinkle-free appearance.

Therefore, when buying a soft-top trunk cover, make sure that it is fitted with a perfectly designed and functional tension control system.


What are the Most Known Tonneau Cover Brands?

Although there is a wide range of tonneau covers available on the market, only a few of them are well-reputed. Some of the most popular and reliable Tonneau cover brands include Tyger Auto, BAK, Gator, and MAXMATE.

How to Measure Truck Bed for Tonneau Cover

The best way to measure the trunk bed is to consider the distance between the tailgate and bulkhead. So, carefully measure the distance from the inside of your truck’s trunk bed. After measuring your truck bed, you should look for the exact match offered by a renowned manufacturer.

Are Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

Most offer a water resistance feature. However, these tonneau covers aren’t waterproof. During heavy showers, water can seep into the linings of the cover. Most probably, you won’t even know the gaps or seams which are allowing the water to creep into the cargo bed.

By perfectly installing the covers, you can make your cover somewhat resilient to water, dust, snow, and other elements. As a result, it will fulfill the task of keeping your cargo free from moisture and dampness. If installed correctly some tonneau covers will withstand the pressures of an automatic car wash, learn more here.

Moreover, it is possible to enhance the water resistance of your cover by choosing the right brand. For instance, you can rely on a painted one-piece if you want some extra protection against water.

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How Much Does a Tonneau Cover Usually Weigh?

The weight depends largely on the type of material used for its construction. Truck tonneau covers made with soft materials are lighter, while a hard top is slightly heavy.

The weight also depends on the brand. There are certain soft tonneau covers, which tend to weigh more than other options. On average, soft tonneau covers weigh from 15 to 30 lbs. On the other hand, the weight of hardcovers may range from 50 lbs to 100+ lbs.

How Long Should a Tonneau Cover Last?

The durability and overall lifespan rely on the build quality and usage. A good quality trunk cover won’t last too long if used carelessly. On the contrary, even it’s made with low-quality materials could serve for a more extended period if utilized carefully.

Typically, manufacturers offer a five-year warranty over their products. This suggests that a cover could last for at least five years. However, there are some brands that offer 10-year guarantees over their best tonneau covers.

If you want your tonneau cover to last for a longer period, make sure that it has been installed correctly. This is because, when installed improperly, it would start to show some signs of early wear and tear. Moreover, try to park your vehicle under the shade when living in an area with extremely hot weather.

Can you take a tonneau cover through a car wash?


Buying a suitable truck bed cover isn’t that easy. There are a huge amount of options available on the market, but I hope this article has made it a bit easier for you.

Hopefully, after taking reading our best tonneau covers review, you are able to confidently choose the ideal option that suits your needs and pickup truck. 

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