What Tonneau Covers Work With Ladder Racks?

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If you’re a truck owner who uses a ladder rack, you’ll need to find a tonneau cover that can work with it. Not all tonneau covers will fit with ladder racks, so it’s essential to do your research before you make a purchase. This blog post will discuss what tonneau covers work with ladder racks and why choosing the right one is important. We’ll also provide some suggestions for brands that offer compatible products.

Can you put a bed rack on a tonneau cover?

Yes. Most bed racks will work with most tonneau covers. However, there are a few exceptions. These may be spelled out in the tonneau cover manual on your truck or the rack manual.

If you have a Retrax cover, you’ll need to purchase the Retrax Bed Rack Brackets. For other brands, be sure to check their compatibility before you make a purchase.

Can you put a ladder rack on with a tonneau cover?

It’s possible to install a ladder rack on top of a tonneau cover, but it may not be the ideal setup. According to this piece on eTrailer, both the ladder rack and the tonneau cover shouldn’t have mounting points on your truck bed. If they do, you’ll face a ton of difficulty installing the rack, and you may be forced to ditch one for the other.

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Do BACKRACKS work with tonneau covers?

Yes, your BACKRACK will work with a tonneau cover. Fortunately, most of the tonneau covers available are compatible with most BACKRACKs, and there are adapters to help you set it up quickly.

But there are a few things you should consider. They include price, size, and type of tonneau cover, the most important being the type of tonneau cover. This is because the soft covers and the hard tonneau covers may have different requirements for the adapter.

One last thing to note is that you don’t necessarily need to drill your truck bed or tonneau cover to install the BACKRACK.

Does the Thule rack work with a tonneau cover?

Thule’s Xsporter Pro works with most tonneau covers, but you’ll want to check the Thule website to ensure your specific model is compatible. If not, they have an adapter kit that will let you use the rack with nearly any tonneau cover.

As mentioned earlier, consider the price, size, and type of tonneau cover you have.

Can you have a tonneau cover with bed rails?

Yes, you can have a tonneau cover with bed rails. Many truck owners prefer to have bed rails installed to strap down the items placed on their tonneau covers easily. This is in addition to the aesthetic enhancements the bed rails give your truck.

Again, you should consider the type of bed rail suitable for your truck, and when you’re shopping for a tonneau cover, ensure you buy one that will not be affected by your bed rails.

How do you haul a kayak on a truck with a tonneau cover?

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There are a few ways to haul a kayak on your truck with a tonneau cover.

J-style or V-style carriers.

J-style and V-style carriers allow you to secure your kayak(s) on top of your truck without drilling any holes. All you have to do is place the carriers on top of your truck’s cab, then place the kayak and secure it with a rope if necessary.

Using Rope/Bungee Cords

Another way is to use a rope or bungee cord system to tie down your kayak(s). This method is not as popular because it’s more time-consuming and can be harder to do if you’re by yourself.

Using A Truck Bed Extension

You can purchase a truck bed extender for kayaks to haul your kayaks. Installing one is pretty straightforward, and they’re affordable too.

Under The Tonneau Cover

You can place the kayak into your truck bed with your tonneau cover folded or rolled back. It requires a few minutes to install then.

If you have a one-piece tonneau cover, your best bet is to use a roof rack system to carry your kayak. This is where the J-style or V-style carriers come in handy.

Also, if you have a six-foot truck bed and your kayak can fit under the tonneau cover, open the tailgate, and slide your kayak under the cover. Ensure that the kayak is secured correctly to the body of the truck. You should put a nonslip truck bed mat into the truck bed.

The video below shows an extender attached to a truck with a retractable tonneau cover.

Can you have a headache rack with a tonneau cover?

Headache racks offer a great way to protect your cab from shifting cargo, but they can get in the way of a tonneau cover. That’s why many headache racks come with removable crossbars. This way, you can still use your headache rack when you need it, but take it off when you want to carry items in your truck bed.

What tonneau covers work with Adarac?

Adarac’s Truck Bed Rack works with most tonneau covers, but they have a list of compatible ones on their website.


Getting a tonneau cover to work with a ladder rack or other racks shouldn’t be an arduous task for you. There are a few factors to consider, but if you take your time, you should be able to find the perfect setup for your needs. And if need be, there’ll be an adapter to help you make the rack and the tonneau cover work.

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