What Is The Best Tonneau Cover For Your Money? Things To Consider

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If you want to increase the value of your truck, then installing a tonneau will help you achieve that. Not only that, but it will also offer protection to the cargo you transport and improve the truck’s appearance. But is security, appearance, and increased value all that make a tonneau cover give value for your money?

There are many types of tonneau covers in the market, and choosing one can be a challenge. They are made by different manufacturers using different materials and are priced differently. In this article, we will focus on the different elements of a tonneau cover that makes it the best option for your money.

A tonneau cover provides real value for your money if it satisfies the following:

Offers security

Providing security to the cargo that you carry is probably top on the list of why you want to install a tonneau in the first place. Therefore, the best tonneau cover for your money should be able to offer the required security. The cover should be able to protect goods from wandering eyes and thieves.

Generally, hard tonneau covers will give you better security that you require, but some soft tonneau covers are also not easy to tamper with once they are locked.

Ease of access

You do not want to have a difficult time accessing your cargo whenever you need to. Traditionally, soft tonneau covers are known to offer easier access than their hard counterparts.

However, some of the hard tonneau covers are foldable, which makes it easy to get access to cargo. If you are going to need access to the cargo regularly on the trip, the best tonneau cover for your money will be one that’s able to roll up easily and roll back when needed fully.


One thing that you have no control over is the weather condition. But you can protect your cargo from it. A good tonneau cover should be able to provide maximum resistance against the entry of water into the bed of the truck.

The best tonneau cover to assure you of high-level water resistance is a one-piece hard tonneau cover with edges that roll on the side of the truck.

Strong and stable

The real value in a tonneau also comes from its ability to withstand heavy rains, winds, and even carry your weight. You should therefore make sure that the tonneau you are going for has been designed in a way that it is able to do so.

The good news is that not many tonneau covers have this kind of strength and stability, so it should not be a problem for you to choose one.


It is essential to point out that your truck comes with a bed liner. The best tonneau cover for your money is one that will allow easy installation without having to tamper with the stock liner.

It should also be compatible with other truck accessories like the tie-down rings, bed extenders, and utility truck systems. If a tonneau cover requires you to alter the pre-existing condition of your truck, it is not the best option for your money.

Easy to maintain

You have to understand that the installed tonneau cover becomes an extension of your truck. Therefore, it is paramount that it is also well taken care of. You should go for a cover that’s easy to clean using readily available cleaners. With such a tonneau cover, you won’t have to seek professional help to clean, which will help save on costs.


Tonneau covers are quite expensive, and the best tonneau cover for your money is one that will be able to serve its purpose for an extended period. This way, you won’t be forced to buy a new cover now and then.

You can determine the durability of a tonneau cover by checking the type of material used. Does it get scratched easily? Will it fade quickly? Pick a cover that’s made from durable material, and that’s strong enough to withstand sunlight and chemicals that can cause it to fade.

The right size

It is important to note that tonneau covers come in different sizes. It will be a waste of your money if you buy one that’s smaller than your truck bed. You will also lose time going back to get another one that’s a good fit.

That is why it is vital to get the right measurement of your truck bed before going to buy a tonneau cover. With the correct measurements, you will be able to get a tonneau that’s a perfect fit for your truck.


Tonneau covers are essential, and equal importance should be given to the process of finding one. If you want to get real value for your money, do not compromise on any of the factors discussed above.

If you find a cover that meets all the points discussed above, you can rest assured that it will serve you well. 

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